• All infectious diseases covered
  • Complete support for transplant related ID screening for donors and recipients

What makes our infectious serological services special?

At InfeXn, we adopt the latest techniques to detect and quantify antibodies as well as the specific antigens of infectious-disease agents which can indicate contact with such organisms.

Key features of Infectious serology

Helps diagnose viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal infections

Determines the degree of post-vaccination protection

Evaluates the immunological status of pregnant women and immunocompromised individuals.

Selection of tests based on their effectiveness, for a particular sector or infectious agent, in the characterization of various immunoglobulin isotypes

We test for

Viral serology (HIV, HCV, HBV, EBV, CMV, etc.)

Bacterial diseases (Lyme disease, Brucellosis, etc.)

Parasitic diseases (Hydatidosis, toxocariasis, amoebiasis, etc.)

Fungal diseases (Invasive Candida & Aspergillus infections)

Rare pathogens including Rabies, Leprospira and Toxocara are also tested.

Latent mycobacterial disease Novel 4 tube IGRAS assay; QuantiFERON – TB Gold Plus