• Automated Culture and Identification Systems
  • Drug Resistance detected by Automated MIC method
  • Comprehensive Test Menu
  • Complete Infrastructure and Expertise
  • Maximum range of Antifungal drugs tested

Macro focus on diagnosis & interpretative support for treatment of infections

What makes our laboratories special?

We are one of the few laboratories in the entire country with fully automated systems. At InfeXn, the diagnostic systems include:

Automated continuous monitoring blood culture systems

Automated microbial identification

Antimicrobial susceptibility testing systems with the MIC value of antibiotics

Key features of Real-time PCR

BACTEC -Automated continuous monitoring blood culture system

  • Gold standard for blood cultures
  • Short turnaround time
  • Supports accurate & fast testing
  • High performance, ease of use & good media quality
  • More accurate diagnosis & effective treatment

BACTEC - Automated microbial identification & antimicrobial susceptibility testing system

For quicker:

  • Initiation of customized treatment
  • Decision for step - down antibiotic therapy
  • Patient recovery

For efficient:

  • Prescription of least expensive antibiotics
  • Avoidance of side effects & overdose of antibiotics
  • Control of nosocomial infections
  • Control of mortality rates with rapid and accurate results

Unique blood collection system

  • Adherence to best collection practices
  • Reduced chances of lab errors
  • Ensured protection of both, patients & technicians

MIC value automation

  • Aids appropriate choice of an antibiotic
  • Increases chances of treatment success
  • Slows down antibiotic resistance