Syndromic Multiplex panels
Infexn has the widest range of Syndromic MultipleX PCR panels with:
  • India-specific pathogen panel
  • >200 assays for esoteric parameters
  • Increased specificity and reduced turnaround times

What makes our Syndromic MultipleX PCR panels special?

Our Syndromic Multiplex panels allow simultaneous testing for various organisms in a single specimen. Quick & accurate identification of infectious pathogen facilitates the physician to take informed decisions regarding treatment strategy.

All reagents used for MultipleX testing
European grade C3 / with an CE-IVD marking


Other research-based reagents
Neither authentic nor have any proof of reliability.

Key features of MultipleX nested RT-PCR


FULLY AUTOMATED Tandem, MultipleX nested RT-PCR platform

Performs very complex but highly sensitive & specific MultipleX assays

Assays of international standards