Environmental surveillance

  • First choice laboratory in India, for the hospital aspiring for NABH accreditation
  • Timely analysis of changes in the biological environment of the hospital
  • External quality assurance for all the fumigation, disinfection & sterilization processes
SurveyXn provides comprehensive environmental surveillance services as per WHO guidelines and CDC protocols in hospitals, clinics and more..

What makes our environmental surveillance program special?

Wide range of customized solutions for internationally standardized environmental microbiological monitoring of operation rooms, path labs, dental clinics, ICUs, NICUs, ophthal and IVF clinics.

First choice laboratory in India for hospitals aspiring for NABH accreditation. Certificate of participation issued along with the contract.

External quality assurance for all fumigation, disinfection & sterilization processes as well as provision of training programs for hospital staff.

Key features of Environmental surveillance

Carefully designed packages for special areas such as ICUs, HDU, NICU, dental clinics, etc.

Sample collection protocols & processes followed as per international guidelines

Latest technology and instrumentation used for sampling and analysis by specially trained personnel

Pre-planned calendar for better management of visits and solution-oriented reports